Chris Blanke Seminar

Chris Blanke

On Friday, July 5th, Tecumseh Jiu-Jitsu hosted Chris Blanke for a seminar covering some great guard passing techniques and insights.  The seminar has definitely provided all attending students with material to work on for many training sessions.

Chris also presented Miss Loree with her Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Miss Loree has trained for many years and this new ranking recognizes her skill and commitment.

Assistant instructor, Mark Curran, was promoted to purple belt at the end of the seminar as well.  Mark has trained for 5 and a half years and is an active and successful competitor as well as the assistant instructor.

Thank you again Chris, for holding the seminar, we hope to have you back really soon and a special congratulations to both Miss Loree and Mark on their well deserved promotions.

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