Competition Team excels at Joslin's

Our competition team had been training hard in preparation for Joslin's Canadian Open tournament (Nov. 7, 2009) this year and their hard work paid off.  The academy sent four competitors to represent the academy and all four came back with a medal.

Jason Bezaire competed in the adult 162-176.9lbs, advanced division (3 years) and finished 3rd in his division taking home the bronze for the academy in the most advanced division.

Eric Marentette & Mark Curran both completed in the adult 162-176.9lbs, intermediate division (1-3 years) with each of them finding their way into the medal rounds.

Mark Curran finished 4th overall in his division losing his bronze medal match via a close 0-0 judge's decision.

Eric Marentette made it all the way to the gold medal match in his division by submitting all of his opponents.  He fell just shy of the gold, finishing 2nd overall and winning the silver medal.

Vlad Pavlovic competed in the adult 192-211.9lbs, intermediate division (1-3 years).  Despite not having a point scored against him all tournament, Vlad lost in the finals by an advantage taking 2nd place overall and securing the silver medal.

Congratulations to all of our competitors.  You all fought excellent and represented the academy exceptionally.  We're all very proud of you!

Congratulations Guys!

To view more results from the tournament please follow the link below:

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