Farewell Justin Auld

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We would like to send Congratulations out to "Coach" Justin Auld for achieving his dream by being hired by the RCMP.


Justin was one of our first students in our Tecumseh location, being with us for 4 1/2 years he became a  great part of our family.

As well as training hard, he also helped out at the Academy being a "Coach" and good friend to many.

Holding a Brown belt in MMA and a Purple belt in BJJ - hopefully he will find somewhere he can continue his training to achieve his Martial Arts goals.

Thank you Justin for all the hard work and friendship you've put into the Academy - we will miss you!

We know you will be the best Mountie ever!

Best of Luck & The Sky's the Limit!


Dean, Miss Loree & Your  Family at the Academy

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