San Diego

We just returned home from San Diego, it was great fun, great weather, great tournament, great people to hang with!

Dylan and Mark got to train at the University of Jiu jitsu with Saulo teaching the class.  Dylan got the opportunity to roll with Regis Lebre and Mark got to roll with kettlebell guru and Jiu jitsu black belt Steve Maxwell.

The next day was weigh ins, then after that it was time to enjoy the California sun, hang out on the beach and check out the surf.

Saturday the day of the tournament everyone was ready for action!


Dylan Russelo was our Gold medal finalist, fighting 2 tough matches leading him to an exciting victory in the juvenile division.

The blue belt division which is often one of the toughest divisions was no different this time.  Eric Marentette fought 3 tough matches, winning his first match, losing his second match and coming back strong and winning the 3rd match with an arm lock for the victory claiming the bronze medal in the blue belt middle weight division.

After losing his first match in his weight division, Mark Curran summoned his inner strenghth and fought 4 more matches to place 3rd in the Men's white belt Open.

Steve Strong was an excellent competitor for the Academy, although he didn't medal he fought 2 hard matches the were very close.

The beach house was a awesome place & location, where we could all be together, have fun and enjoy!

A good time was had by all.

We look forward to next year!

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