Toronto Classic Results

Well, it was another fun weekend in Toronto, we got to see Josh, Jorge and all the great people at Toronto BJJ.

Regis Lebre was also there teaching some classes that Dean got to join in on.

We also got to hook up with Saulo again, hung out a bit and Dean did some rolling in the cage with him at Toronto BJJ.

It is always a awesome experience to watch and train with Saulo - he makes everything look so easy!

Everyone did a great job at the Toronto Classic tournament, not everyone won but they are all winners just for having the courage to get in the ring.

Congrats to Eric Marentette, he  fought some tough matches with enough victories to stand up proudly on the medals podium taking 3rd place in the men's middle weight blue belt division.

Mark Curran came out strong with a victory in his first match, but was submitted in his 2nd match.

Vlad Pavlovic also had a great showing, defeated in his first match only by 2 advantages.

Congratulations to everyone! 

Just remember, no matter what the results are it always makes you stronger and a little more prepared for the next one!


see the gallery images for more pics.

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