Visit toToronto BJJ

At the beginning of the month we took a trip down to Toronto, visiting the Toronto BJJ Academy and attending their 1st Tournament

"Copa Ontario" run by Jorge Britto, head Jiu jitsu instructor at Toronto BJJ. 

This was the most organized and professional tournament we've ever been to - Congrats Jorge,  well done!


It was an exciting weekend, Saulo and Xande Ribeiro were there plus at least 6 other BJJ black belts including Dean of course, Saulo's 1st Canadian black belt.


Saulo held a seminar on the Saturday at Toronto BJJ Academy where all the black belt where also present and each taught a technique to the students.

Leading off the seminar was Alvaro Romano also a black belt in Jiu jitsu but known for developing an awesome stretching/conditioning session for fighters called Ginastica Natural. 

This guy is amazing to watch how fluid his movements are on the mat & the strength you can develop by practicing this.

There were also a few Brazilian Muay Thai champions there as well.  

Xande was training with these guys getting ready for his upcoming fight.


We had a great time in the big city and made some new friends.

Thanks to Josh, Jorge and the rest of theTeam at Toronto BJJ for all their great hospitality.

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